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DrumScriobhPro Player, is the companion software for DrumScriobhPro, Ceol Mor Software's next generation professional drum notation software for Windows 10 & 11

Here at Ceol Mor Software & Publishing Ltd, we realise that not all drummers require the FULL drum notation software, as they simply do not compose scores. In the PipeBand environment scores are normally written and composed by the Lead Drummer, who then shares his composition with the remainder of the drum corp to learn.

Normally, multiple copies of a score would then be printed and shared with the drum corp. With "Player", all drummers in the corp can Open a score written by the lead drummer, Play it to assist with learning and Print to paper or PDF format if required. All for FREE!!

"Player" allows multiple scores to be loaded simultateously. It also has the ability to playback scores with multiple parts (ie Side, bass & Tenor ). Playback also allows the user to select a group of notes or a phase within a tune for playback only. Essential when learning a new drum score

DrumScriobhPro PLAYER: Requires Internet access to install and register. Just confirm your email address to download for FREE. It also includes some targeted advertising that we hope you will find useful.

DrumScriobhPro Example file for download

Player opening DrumScriobhPro score
Load and play multiple scores
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Minimum hardware and software specifications are available from the link below :-
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