The National Piping Centre Tutorbook 2

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The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 2 - Transition to Bagpipes builds on and develops the knowledge and techniques relating to playing the Highland Bagpipe, which are introduced in Tutor Book 1.

For many learner pipers the biggest hurdle they encounter is making the transition from playing tunes on the practice chanter to playing tunes on the bagpipe. There is a lot to contend with, such as mastering the blowing technique, getting used to the bag and drones, building stamina, learning how to maintain and care for the instrument, tuning, reed manipulation and how to perform in public as a soloist or with other groups of pipers and musicians.

This book follows the step-by-step approach of the The highland Bagpipe Tutor Book and each skill is taught in a logical, progressive manner using tried and tested methods gleaned from the combined experience of the teaching staff at The National Piping Centre. It is a manual for good practice in terms of care, maintenance and set-up of the bagpipe.